These days our stress levels are pretty much registering TILT!  But we need to control our stress levels to keep our immune system heathy!   So here are the top 10 things I am trying to do, to keep my stress levels as low as I can.  

1) Do a hobby.  For me its gardening.  It gets me in to fresh air and my hands in the dirt and not only does time pass but my I can stay mindfully with what I am doing.  It’s also an escape from electronics!  Not to mention news, facebook, etc. 

2) Say hi to neighbors, and check in with them.  Old or young we may need those contacts.  When I lived in Florida after a hurricane while it was messy and humid and swampy and’d see neighbors outside fixing something.  Others offering to help with a chainsaw or food, it was honestly nice to see the best part of humanity, and all it took was a disaster.  But we can do better so start today.

3) Eat well.  I mean healthy.  Stress can make us binge eat like it‘s out last meal.  But honestly that too hurts our immune system.  So taking care of yourself and your family still means eating well. 

4) Stay hydrated!  I think this one is self explanatory but in case your need a reminder.  Drink 1/2 your weight in ounces! 

5) Use your oils.  There are so many you can use to help your emotional states, so don’t let them just hang out in a drawer.  Get using them daily.  They really will help.  Check out Gary Young’s Good Day Protocol!  

6) Do a social media / news detox diet.  Building a website has been one way I have been accomplishing this today!  But get the highlights once a day and give yourself a break! 

7) Go play with kids or animals. They instinctively know how to stay in the moment so learn from them! 

8) Laugh.  Belly laughs are good for the soul.  Find a funny movie, talk with a friend who makes you laugh, whatever you need. 

9) When something is bugging me....I clean.  And the madder I am the more I clean.  So that‘s a quick way to know how my life is going.  But the point it to find something constructive out of an unhealthy or unhelpful emotion.

10) Workout.  Go for a walk or a run, get a little sweat going.  It will help.