5-4-3-2-1 time

5-4-3-2-1 time
So I talked a little about Mel Robbin’s yesterday in my really long podcast (sorry guess I made up for missing a day, lol!).  But her strategy is actually quite smart and this is why I love her.... and here’s a link to the shortest version of her talk on this matter...https://youtu.be/nI2VQ-ZsNr0

Here’s the podcast that goes with today’s blog: https://anchor.fm/michele-mathiesen/episodes/How-a-plant-had-me-stuck-ec9vi9

In general here is the quickest synopsis I can give you.  If you are debating on something, want to change something, are struggling with something and are getting stuck...stop what you are doing, and start counting down from 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....before you are out of numbers, you must do something.  Move, dial, schedule, write it, whatever!   Neurologically speaking your brain is wired to not really want to do something that may be scary because our brain only recognizes chemicals.  It has no idea you aren’t outrunning a T Rex But that you are having a hard time in your own mind shifting.  Our brain also doesn’t want us to do anything it deems as scary, so it would rather stay right where it is.  You can beat these systems from kicking in, if you react within 5 seconds. 

So in my own world, I planted 2 beautiful crepe myrtles last year but the shock of a mid Summer planting they looked dead.  I left them alone and figured well maybe they’ll bounce back.  I had honestly been avoiding them, not really purposefully but sort of.  If they indeed were dead it is my fault and now they have to be pulled.  If I didn’t go confirm they were dead then kinda like Schroedinger’s cat, my plants could possibly still be alive. 

Earlier today I had to move some of my solar lights around as the sun is hitting my house different with the change of seasons and all my twinkle lights are no longer twinkling.  But I avoided the solar light nearest the 2 crepe myrtles.  I finally pullled the 5-4-3-2-1 and went over to look at them!  Low and behold there are leaves all over both of them! They’re alive!  So immediately I went I got what I needed to prune the dead stuff away from the new growth and now it is done!  

This one dumb hold up, was making me not plant other parts of the yard because if those trees didn’t work I probably would have to find something different but I would be hard pressed to get that color as I had never seen it before which is why I was bummed when I thought they were toast!  So now I can order summer bulbs, I can take advantage of the 2 for $1 sale and I can enjoy a pretty back yard, all because I faced this one stupid task.  

Now while you may not be in a place to want to change something about you, that is completely up to you,  But staying stagnant isn’t healthy either.   But here‘s the thing, you may not know what all that one thing you’re stuck on is holding you back from, until you get after it! 

Here are the links for Mel’s 5 second Hardcover: https://amzn.to/2X202MV
and Journal again: https://amzn.to/2wW7vCF

Have a great day! 

How to handle the tough days...

How to handle the tough days...
So I don’t forget here is a video to April’s Young Living promotions: https://youtu.be/fvEyBONRdN8

And here’s a podcast link to this topic in case you’d prefer to have me chat at ya! 

So yesterday was a tough day for me.  Again a job I was up for went to someone else.  I was literally perfect for this job, apparently they didn’t think that so that started out my day on a dismal note.  So here’s what I did instead:

I first started out with my “Miracle Morning Savers”.  There is a book called The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod (Link: https://amzn.to/2UWqRQd ), and he has created a way to improve your day both mentally and physically by using the acronym “SAVERS”

S= Silence, now this can be whatever you want, so prayer or meditation, mindfulness practices, or just something as simple as listening to the birds chirp, the waves roll in, etc.  In general, it is stopping long enough to be quiet. If I can’t get into meditating (it happens) or its too cold to sit outside, this is where I create a mental gratitude list.  

A = Affirmations.  These might sound corny but there’s actually proof in neuroscience that it affects the way your brain responds the rest of the day.  I pull a card for these, inevitably after I have meditated, it ends up being the perfect card.  Here’s the one I have used for 3 years now: https://amzn.to/3422iFr , I also kinda want her new ones: https://amzn.to/39yUVX9, but there are no less than 7 pages of cards on Amazon or Amazon smile (please use smile so part of your order goes to your choice of charity!).  They also have moon cards, animal cards and rebel cards lol so there is something for everyone, including kids.

V = Visualizations.  Imagine your self having the perfect golf swing, or the perfect swim, or whatever.  This is the Sports Psychology that I majored in and have always loved.  Harnessing the power of the mind is nothing short of pure magic.  So make it first your life, the perfect pretzel from scratch, the perfect garden, the perfect living room set up (when I get bored I move furniture).  Imagine every aspect involving every sense...sight, smell, taste, textures and it becomes more real. 

E - Exercise.  Here’s where I have been falling down on the job this week. When it was nice out I was working in the yard, and gardening so those were work outs!  But enter a cold, rainy day and not only does my mood drop, but all I want it a nap.  And yes I did take one yesterday, and the world was better for me after!  But the day before I was scrolling FB or IG and was noticing all the singers offering up free mini concerts, and all the actors, dancers and whomever offering up workouts so I played around with a few of them and ended up with an hour of getting my heart rate up and glistening!  I was in a great mood all day with that.  So I know for me this is a key.  Now if you wanted to meditate after say yoga, its ok if you take these out of order, I just don’t remember them as well if I go out of sync.  But in general a good dance workout and then yoga for a cool down is my jam.

R = Reading.  Some folks do scripture here and that’s great, but not my jam.  I’d rather read something that gets my creative juices flowing in the morning, so I always have a mystery available.  But I also love biographies of people I admire.  I am also always curious so I will just google something that pops up and then read about it, the history or how it came to be, etc.  I’m just a curious nerd at heart! 

S= Scribe (ok they cheated on the letter, writing would also be a way to go here).  So here is where journaling or free writing comes in.  If I am stuck I prefer free writing, as it is just stream of consciousness writing.  Sometimes the things that pop out there are why I am feeling stuck or pissed or whatever it is,  Other days I journal which could be to a prompt for the day, or just about something I have read or heard, or the dogs...whatever.  Other days it is a gratitude journal.  I really like my gratitude list best in my planner, and I love Mel Robbins.  Here’s the link for my planner: https://amzn.to/2wWKNdF, but these are also some beautiful gratitude journals out there as well. 

So here’s how my morning really shakes out on a good day.
Dogs, Water plants and garden, start diffusers, then Journal / planner (I gotta know where my day is going to get everything done, its even more important now that days run together and its easy to get nothing done), then affirmations and gratitudes, journaling, visualize my day or topic and then exercise and silence.  But explore what works for you.  

And don’t get me wrong there are plenty of oils in there.  I’ll be doing a oils and emotions class and a hormone class this month while I have time so watch for those.  But here’s my short list of oils:  Punification in all the diffusers to clean the air, Valor up the back of my neck and each wrist (it’s said to help balance your energy if you have a drop of both then touch the insides of your wrists together for a minute), Joy on the heart, Believe on top of my head and Abundance on the bottoms of my feet. Harmony on my liver, and white Angelica on my wings.  It’s sort of an expanded Good Day Protocol.  And folks that is just my morning, lol! 

Take care of you today and maybe each day this week, add one of the savers to your routine and see if you can have a Miracle Morning! 

Facing our Fears Together

Facing our Fears Together
I read a FB post on my podcast today that was really about talking about our fears.  I think we have an idea that talking about fear makes us seem weak, or admitting our fear isn’t something we should do as an adult.  In my mind, this is how people get stuck.  If you don’t talk about it, you let that fear charged emotional loop play in your head endlessly until you are actually physically, mentally and emotionally stuck.   It’s been said the only way out is through, and in case specifically I would have to agree.  

Here’s the post: 
Me: Okay God (insert your preferred choice here), here’s the thing.  I’m scared.  I’m trying not to be, but I am. 
God: I know.  What to talk about it?
Me: Do we need to?  I mean, you already know everything.
God: Let’s talk about it anyway.  We’ve done this before.
Me: I know I just feel like I should be bigger or stronger by now.  
God: just waiting patiently.
Me: Okay, so I’m afraid I’ll do everything I can to protect my family and it won’t be enough.  I‘m afraid of someone I love dying.  I’m afraid I won’t go back to what it was before.  I’, afraid my life is alwaya going to feel a little bit unsettled. 
God: Anything else?
Me: Everything else!
God: Remember how your son woke up the other night and came running down the hall to your bedroom? 
Me: Yes
God: You were still awake but you called out to him.  Do you remember what you said While he was running down the dark hallway to you?
Me: I said “it’s ok, I’m here”
Gdo: Why did you call out to him instead of waiting until he got to you?
Me: I didn’t want him to be afraid all the way down the dark hall alone.
God: Exacty, I hear you.  I hear your thoughts racing like feet down the dark hallway.  THere’s another side to this.  I’m there already.  I’ve seen the end of this.  And I want you to know right here as you wall through it all, you’re okay.  I haven’t gone to sleep and I won’t. 
Me: Can we sit together awhile?  Before I go back to facing it all.
God: There‘s nothing I’d like more. 

Be open with your fears, even if it is just saying them aloud.  Using tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) while you are talking can reduce stress drastically.  There’s a point between your 4th and 5th finger, but down in your hand, down a bit but right between those big knuckle that goes from hand to fingers.  By tapping on that point and speaking your fears, it can reduce your stress.  Start by rating your fear first.  Then speak out literally your worst fear.  Then move down to your next (less bad) feeling of fear, and then next, less bad feeling and so on.  As you start working your way out of the fear trap, it can actually ease up on your stress level.  When you‘re done sit and breathe and re-rate the fear level.  Hopefully it went down.  One step at a time, as many times as you need.  This isn’t a race, just keep at it until those 9’s go down to 2‘s or 3‘s. 

 Hope this is helpful! I’ll do a zoom call one night this week on emotional freedom technique/tapping so you can try a whole session your self.

Soulful Grit Podcast

So while it isn't a great time to open a new line of business....I have come to the conclusion that there is no good time to open another line of business. Necessity is the mother of all invention right?  

Well I was feeling rather stuck.  I couldn't find a price point I liked, I wasn't sure what my niche would be anymore, and so on.  So after killing myself to get the project ready it has sat stalled for a week.  That's my cue that I am not using my oils enough.  Still diffusing, just not enough oils on me to help find the shift I needed.

So today in my meditation, I pulled out the big guns, and next thing I know I have a podcast aimed to help mindfully support healthcare workers on the front lines.   If you'd like to check it out I'd love input, questions, ideas, comments, etc.  
Anyone can listen, feel free to share with your friends.  If they would prefer to be emailed just have them get in touch and I can add them to that list instead. Here is the link if you're interested: https://anchor.fm/michele-mathiesen/episodes/Health-care-Help-ec1ifp/a-a1q7ev2

One of the biggest things I talked about was helping support a healthy immune system.  Now while I am definitely not any form of a medical specialist, I have lived with autoimmune fun for over a decade and my own little viral hell of Epstein Barre for over 3 years, but honestly I think it is closer to 8 years.  There are no amazing results to speak of but wellness doesn't work that way.  Illness seeks cures.  Wellness seeks prevention.  Stay above the wellness line and life for everyone will be better, as best you can these days.

Many of the supplement products I use are indeed Young Living as the bioavailability being in the 80% range versus, for over the counter vitamins, it is the 30% range solved it for me. I dare to say that their supplements are indeed the rockstar's that the oils are!  (I use Super B, Super C, Ningxia Red, Super Cal Plus and Life 9 daily (they aren't super creative on naming are they - lol), and Immupower, Thieves, and Inner Defense as needed when I feel kinda off.  But not all my suggestions are YL only because of my pesky gluten problem.  They have been great about shifting products over, but not all are safe for me yet.  

And, honestly, I am chicken to switch my Fish oil as even the thought of fishy burps just kills me. Here is what I use (some of my links are affiliate links, just fyi, as a girl has to support herself in this new era )  Here's my fish oil: https://amzn.to/3asNHWb

Another wellness goody I use is this Multivitamin/Mineral: https://amzn.to/2JouIQz.  And of course with my office closed for the forseeable future until our Governor gives the go ahead to reopen, I can't really get T Relief to my clients either so here is a link to that as well (https://amzn.to/2WZy8RX).  

I know the key to keeping a healthy immune system is also hydration and I gotta be honest the vitality drops from YL are the best I have ever used.  I only was introduced to them in February and it is a game changer.  Not the sugary yuck of some other brands or the crazy, fake colorings.  I definite drink a LOT more water with the Bergamot/Grapefruit drops.  One thing I didn't mention in the podcast is knowing what actually makes you want to drink more!  

For example my Mom loves cold water, the colder the better with ice, any time of year. So as soon as I got her a Yeti, her world changed.  I however, like mine cold but not freezing (this is the one I got myself as I apparently need that magnetic slider to not wear all my liquids.: https://amzn.to/3aEJfDT ).  But I am also fussy about my water tasting like water and not metals and weird things, and frankly my Mooresville water is kinda sketchy so until I can swing a big old whole house reverse osmosis filtration system, here's what we use: https://amzn.to/2xuXiNB .

Other people need a straw  to drink more comfortably (please folks ditch plastic its not good for you or the environment) and I am one of them, so this package of them pretty much covers all my straw needs : https://amzn.to/2QW6xNr ) to be able to drink more.  Whatever works for you, make it work for you!  

More soon.  I will try to keep the blog and the podcast more or less in sync (in theory). 

Take Care of You!


These days our stress levels are pretty much registering TILT!  But we need to control our stress levels to keep our immune system heathy!   So here are the top 10 things I am trying to do, to keep my stress levels as low as I can.  

1) Do a hobby.  For me its gardening.  It gets me in to fresh air and my hands in the dirt and not only does time pass but my I can stay mindfully with what I am doing.  It’s also an escape from electronics!  Not to mention news, facebook, etc. 

2) Say hi to neighbors, and check in with them.  Old or young we may need those contacts.  When I lived in Florida after a hurricane while it was messy and humid and swampy and difficult...you’d see neighbors outside fixing something.  Others offering to help with a chainsaw or food, it was honestly nice to see the best part of humanity, and all it took was a disaster.  But we can do better so start today.

3) Eat well.  I mean healthy.  Stress can make us binge eat like it‘s out last meal.  But honestly that too hurts our immune system.  So taking care of yourself and your family still means eating well. 

4) Stay hydrated!  I think this one is self explanatory but in case your need a reminder.  Drink 1/2 your weight in ounces! 

5) Use your oils.  There are so many you can use to help your emotional states, so don’t let them just hang out in a drawer.  Get using them daily.  They really will help.  Check out Gary Young’s Good Day Protocol!  

6) Do a social media / news detox diet.  Building a website has been one way I have been accomplishing this today!  But get the highlights once a day and give yourself a break! 

7) Go play with kids or animals. They instinctively know how to stay in the moment so learn from them! 

8) Laugh.  Belly laughs are good for the soul.  Find a funny movie, talk with a friend who makes you laugh, whatever you need. 

9) When something is bugging me....I clean.  And the madder I am the more I clean.  So that‘s a quick way to know how my life is going.  But the point it to find something constructive out of an unhealthy or unhelpful emotion.

10) Workout.  Go for a walk or a run, get a little sweat going.  It will help.